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When decision makers consider the costs associated with purchasing lifting equipment, a rental like Safe Lifting solution becomes favorable. In addition to initial purchase price, equipment owners must budget for maintenance, periodic re-certification, storage, and more. Renting lifting and rigging gear adds value and efficiency. See our products here.

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End users at Safe Lifting have trust in the brand and its representatives to deliver only world-class equipment. Each order involves thorough consultation so the products supplied are designed specifically for the application in hand. Experts carry out quality assurance (QA) checks before any lifting and rigging gear leaves the facility and upon its return from site.

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Safe Lifting is strategically located in the Port of Rotterdam, at the heart of a transportation and shipping hotbed. It is able to leverage this location to ensure quick delivery to customers wherever they may be situated.

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Safe Lifting’s comprehensive catalog directly addresses the needs of on & offshore applications. It recognizes that the sector has a regular requirement to conduct load tests and lift heavy materials; that’s why load cells, water bags, modular spreader beams, shackles and slings are at the forefront of the range. Grommets, (spooling) winches and pad eye testers are also popular.