Power Sling Shackle


Power Sling Shackle range 125 ton – 1250 ton made by Green Pin ®

The Green Pin Power Sling Shackle range 125 ton up to 1250 ton ®, heavy lifting has never been easier.
It offers riggers great handling thanks to the lower body weight and multiple handling points.
Also the Green Pin Power Sling Shackle ® offers a surge in safety thanks to increased safety margins.
Each shackle has been individually proof-load tested, material characteristics have been thoroughly.
examined and the long-term performance is guaranteed by extensive fatigue testing (over 40.000 cycles).

Lower your costs

The Green Pin Power Sling Shackle ® lets you save up to 20% on synthetic- and steel wire rope costs
thanks to its revolutionary design. It has an optimal D/d ratio and the widest crown (+10%) in the industry.

Handling Instructions for Power Sling Shackle

You can download our Handling Instructions Power Sling Shackle by clicking HERE.
Please use these for your TOOLBOX at the start of the days work.
We put time and effort in your safety, those of your employees and your operations by making these instructions,
please use them accordingly.

Safety First – that is Safe Lifting

Handling points on the shackle consist of 6 smaller shackles.
These are intended for the handling of the shackle’s own weight ONLY.
(pin included)
They are NEVER to be used to lift the equipment attached to the
Power Sling Shackle.

Depending on the size of the shackle, you will find 1 or 2 handling
points on the pin. Just as with the shackle they are only intended
for handling of the pin’s own weight (shackle not included).
They are NEVER to be used to lift anything else attached to the pin.

Benefit through our Rental Program

When decision makers consider the costs associated with purchasing lifting equipment,
a rental solution becomes favorable. In addition to initial purchase price,
equipment owners must budget for maintenance, periodic re-certification, storage, and more.
Renting lifting and rigging gear adds value and efficiency.

Green Pin product film

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