Open Day 28th of September – Safe Lifting – Euro Winch – Euro Rope – Motive Offshore

Please let us know if you will be visiting by e-mailing

Dear relation,
Euro Winch and Safe Lifting are pleased to announce that we will open our doors on the 28th of September 2018 for an open day.
We kindly invite you to this event, please let us know if you will be visiting by replying to this e-mail.
Motive Offshore & Euro Rope Netherlands have a long history of working together over a span of 15 years on many projects and therefore combined their strength and experiences in a Joint Venture called “Euro Winch B.V.”.
Euro Rope has already a wide range of spoolers, winches and HPU’s fabricated by Motive.
Together the two companies can offer Motive’s standard range of winches, full product lines, and custom engineered products with a European footprint for oil & gas, marine, offshore renewable and decommissioning energy markets.
Ideally located in the Port of Rotterdam, “Euro winch” will provide high quality marine equipment and associated services across the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world.

open day