Website launch Safelifting

The launch of our brand new website

At Safe Lifting we value customer feedback as they are the end user of our products. They give us feedback on many things, one of them was our website. As the website is a big…
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Modulift multiple modular spreader beams

Modular spreader beams in Denmark

Heavy Lifting News For mobilisation of the Pacific Orca for the Galloper project, multiple modular spreader beams were used. Multiple lifts required a number of Modulift MSB’s, wich Safe Lifting Europe B.V. provided. We also…
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Modulift MOD800X/1500

New in our stock | MODULIFT MOD800X/1500

1500t Modular Spreader Beam – MOD800X/1500 The MOD800X/1500 is a modular spreader beam that can lift up to 1500 tonnes at a span of 20 metres. It took eight weeks to manufacture and was tested…
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