20ft Container Spreader Autotwist

Outside dimensions: 6055 x 2435 x 800 mm.
Dead Load: 1500 kg

20ft Container Spreader Autotwist design and use

The Autotwist Spreader is unique with its gravity lever locking principle. Twistlocks are not activated in hoist, but in the lowering movement of the cranehook and by the weight of the gravity plate which is connected to a special patented mechanism. In the same way the twistlock will be unlocked.

Safety was one of the main factors (and included) in the new design of the Autotwist Spreader. During the hoisting only the cornercastings of the container are in contact with the spreader. Also special attention is given to decreasing the possibility of damaging the spreader. This guaranties minimal turn out of the spreader. Therefore there have been used high-grade steal types and also have been the moving parts of the spreaders minimised.

The spreader is fitted out with twistlock safety pins at every twistlock. If one of the pins isn’t pressed up in the right position the spreader isn’t placed right (twistlock is not good in the cornercasting), then this pin will prevent that all four twistlocks can lock or unlock.

Spreader is supplied with flat flippers. Working with flippers (two on the long-side and one of the cross-side) is the most convenient way of using the spreader. To protect an ill-positioned spreader from damaging or perforating the container roof the spreader flippers are mounted with a permanent angle (in the down position) and they will hinge up if the container roof is touched and reset afterwards. If the flippers aren’t used they can be placed in a horizontal position.

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