MOD 800J/1000

Rated at 1000 tonnes WLL at 25 metres span
(30° STV).

MOD 800J/1000

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The Modulift Spreader is modular in length, and every spreader consists of 1 pair of End Units and
Drop Links, with intermediate struts that can be bolted into the assembly to achieve different spans.

MOD 800J/1000 has an assembled span ranging from 2 metres to 28 metres in 0.5m increments.

  • We have multiple options for shipping and accessoires, depending on the spreader beam length and needs for your project.
  • Depending on the lenght needed for your lift we can ship the spreaderbeam fully or partially assembled.
  • Subject to the weight of the lift and/or your own equipment we can also supply the needed shackles and slings. 



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