Multi Lug 100 ton – 6m

Built according to the NEN EN 13155, this Multi Lug can be doubled in size.

Multi Lug 100 ton – 6m

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Multi Lug 100 ton features

Discover the advantages of the Multi-Lug system! This innovative lifting solution provides exceptional flexibility, allowing for quick and easy adjustments to meet diverse lifting requirements. Its robust design ensures superior safety and reliability, reducing downtime and operational costs. Ideal for various applications across multiple industries, the Multi-Lug system enhances efficiency and productivity. Experience the benefits of a versatile, cost-effective, and dependable lifting solution with the Multi-Lug!

Built according to the NEN EN 13155, this Multi Lug 100 ton can handle 100 metric tons and is easy to handle with a forklift for assembly or storage.

The multi lug can be doubled in size using a connector.

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