MOD24 | 24t

The MOD24 is rated at 24 tonnes SWL at 5 metres span (30° STV).
For all other configurations please refer to User Instructions.

MOD24 | 24t

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The Modulift Spreader is modular in lenght. Every spreader consists of 1 pair of End Units & Drop Links,
with intermediate struts that can be bolted into the assembly to achieve different spans. The MOD 24
has an assembled span ranging from 1 meters to 8m in 0.5m increments.

  • We have multiple options for shipping and accessoires
  • depending on the spreader beam length and needs for your project.
  •  Depending on the lenght needed for your lift we can ship the spreaderbeam fully or partially assembled.
  • Subject to the weight of the lift and/or your own equipment we can also supply the needed shackles and slings.


Below you can find our datasheet and print or download it.

User Instructions MOD24 Safe Lifting V2

This is a Modulift product.

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